Laura Baynes

Laura is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has been teaching Pilates classes and using Pilates clinically with patients since 2007. She is based in the UK, where she lives with her husband.  Laura has been visiting Sri Lanka since her sister, Hannah, relocated there and was keen to take Pilates to the country. This prompted their debut retreat in 2019. 

Laura qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2005 and started her career at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. She then specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and relocated to work in New Zealand for a year to advance her skills. Since 2010, Laura has been based in Norfolk, UK and currently works as a Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist for a private hospital, as well as teaching Pilates classes around Norfolk. 

When teaching Pilates, Laura always wears her ‘Physio hat’, as she calls it; this ensures that those managing or rehabilitating a condition or injury do so safely and confidently, and achieve maximum benefit from this most valuable, enjoyable form of exercise.

Hannah Balfour

Your host, Hannah, has lived full time in Sri Lanka for a period of five years since 2010, and co-hosted the debut Serendipity Pilates Retreat in April 2019. 

Hannah is based in the southern coastal town of Galle along with her husband and son, and is a Primary School Teacher by profession. Since first visiting the country 2005, she has travelled extensively around Sri Lanka and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the country she currently calls home. 

Hannah herself has practised Pilates since being introduced to the exercise by her sister, Laura, and believes strongly in the overarching physical and psychological benefits of the practice.